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Welcome to The Chickpea Root Project. We study chickpea root growth with the aim to improve chickpea growth and maintain yields in stressful conditions such as drought. Deep root systems are important to access water in dry conditions. We are developing methods to visualise root systems as they grow in the soil so varieties and breeds more suited to dry conditions can be rapidly identified and tested in the field. Go to our RESEARCH page to find out more details about our project.

We are a team of scientists from Scotland, Ethiopia and the USA researching how chickpea roots grow and how we can use our research to promote crop breeding to help farmers in chickpea growing countries like Ethiopia. Check out our PEOPLE page to meet the team.

We have developed a special system that lets us see and measure chickpea roots throughout their lives. We have designed this to be cheap so that it can be made and used anywhere in the world. Go to our RESOURCES & LINKS page for more technical details on our system and other useful information.

For developments in this project go to our NEWS page or if you would like to get in touch see our CONTACT page.

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